You’ve been talking about starting your own business for a while now


But there’s not enough money to pay the bills, never mind start a business.

The timing isn’t right

There’s too much to learn.

Your friends and family don’t support you.  In fact, they think you’re crazy for wanting something more out of life.

The market is overcrowded with competition for what you want to do.

Tax and legal compliance is a minefield.

Those loans and credit cards messed up your personal credit.

And the thought of what other people will think if you fail terrifies you.

On top of that, your discipline isn’t great.

Procrastination is debilitating you.

And you’re constantly surrounded by problems, drama, negativity, and toxic people.

Leaving you feeling conflicted, overwhelmed, and stressed out.


I’m going to give you the tools, resources, and strategy to cut through the noise and help you start your business. 

Because it’s finally time to stop...


Letting other people dictate what you should do and how you should live your life

Waiting for the perfect moment to arrive 

Allowing your lack of finances or bad credit to hold you back

Giving your lack of discipline power over you

Sabotaging yourself by giving in to your excuses


More than that though…it’s time to stop accepting mediocrity and start demanding more for yourself.

$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)

Join my Inner Circle and get access to weekly training to help you build your business, your mindset, and the foundations for success.


  • Gain clarity on your vision and create a clear roadmap for success
  • Implement simple results-based strategies to launch your business with whatever resources you have available to you
  • Build IDF (Integrity, Discipline, and Focus) to lead with confidence
  • Develop your mindset and train yourself to focus on solutions when faced with challenges
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency by creating a workflow and schedule that works for you
  • Take ownership of your life



Starting a business should be fun.

Let me show you how.


$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)

I use these same tools, strategies, and resources to grow my own 7 figure businesses


Everything I teach is based on my real life experience of building multiple businesses across different industries.

My clients and mentees pay thousands of dollars to get access to this stuff.

But you don’t have to.

I’m giving you the opportunity to access the same information for less than $1.67 a day.

$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)

The Inner Circle Training Membership helps you...

Start and grow your business to your first 6 figures.


Every week, I’ll break down my 5 Pillar Strategy (Branding, Marketing, Finance, Infrastructure, and Leadership) into training that you can apply straight away to gain momentum and see results.



  • Communicate your message with confidence
  • Build your brand equity so you can dominate the market, improve sales, and increase your impact
  • Position your brand and create a unique value proposition to increase your know, like, and trust factor with your community and customers



  • Deploy the right digital marketing strategies for your business model
  • Build sales funnels that lead to more sales and revenue
  • Learn how to build your brand’s credibility through SEO, PR, value-based content, client success stories, and data



  • Run a financial health check on your business so you know your core costs and where to invest for growth
  • Understand the key financial metrics you should be tracking across all areas of your business, not just revenue.
  • Build simple financial systems to give you back your time, freedom and keep your business running efficiently



  • Hire and train the right team of specialists with a track record of delivering results
  • Create SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to streamline your business processes and increase productivity
  • Implement an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability



  • Lead with confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, and trust your instincts by developing your IDF (Integrity, Discipline, & Focus)
  • Navigate challenging situations with a solutions-focused approach
  • Develop your emotional intelligence so you can positively influence your team



Additional Benefits of joining my Inner Circle Training Membership

  • The Opportunity to apply to become a Law of Ambition Brand Ambassador, and network with other Wolves
  • Opportunities to network with other Inner Circle members, take part in Law of Ambition team trainings and discussions, ask questions, and get additional support
  • Get entered into a monthly competition to win a mentoring session with my team


What’s Included?

  • Monthly training delivered via email every week
  • Worksheets, PDF Guides, and Resources to help you operate effectively and immediately apply the training to your life and business
$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)

Why should you take my word for it?

Don’t.  Take their word for it.  Listen to my mentees and clients tell you why…

Andy Frisella

"Luis is a genuine guy who's never given up and always pushed for the best results. A stand up man who always speaks from experience and backs up his ambition with his work ethic."

Amanda Holmes

"I'm absolutely amazed by what Luis does. He practices what he preaches. He's built millions of followers and can charge double to triple what the average marketer can because he knows how to build elite brands."

Tom Bilyeu

"Luis Garcia is one of the most die-hard motherf*ckers I've ever met. His hustle commands respect."

About Me...

Luis Garcia is a self-taught entrepreneur who defies convention and challenges stereotypes in his approach to business. A Philadelphia native and US Army combat veteran, Garcia has turned his street smarts and military knowledge into business strategies, tactics, and tools. With his unique methods and a relentless commitment to his goals, he has carved out a space for himself in multiple industries. 

Garcia is CEO and founder of three companies: digital marketing production company, Red Wolf; entrepreneurship development service, Law of Ambition; and most recently social impact candle company, Milan Candles.

No Contracts...

Cancel Your Membership Anytime


I’m not here to lock you in.  This is not a prison.

If the information doesn’t work for you, simply cancel and leave.


The simple fact is that my programs are not meant for everyone, especially people who:


  • Are lazy and not willing to do the work
  • Are looking for hacks, blueprints or shortcuts
  • Want someone to give them all the answers
  • Aren’t interested in investing in themselves and their business


If that’s you, then don’t apply.  I can tell you now, you’ll just be wasting your time and money.


My Inner Circle membership is for people who, like me, are aggressive and relentless in the pursuit of their ambition.




If so, it’s time to make a decision…


Are you ready to commit to yourself?

$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)


$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)
$49.97 per month
$497 per year (2 months free)